Review Policy

Hi everyone! Okay, this is how I review books. I tell it how it is. However, I’m not going to flat out bash on an author, because that’s not fair to them, but if I didn’t enjoy the book, I’ll be honest about it. I mean, you’re not guaranteed to like every book that you read. Usually, however, I do enjoy most of them. Anyway, my reviews will include:

·         The cover of the book
·         A summary or description
·         My thoughts/opinions

I will hopefully create some type of rating system in the future and make perfections, but right now, please bear with me. I’m new to this and I’m trying to do the best I can. Finally, I review all types of genres, except for nonfiction and biographies/autobiographies. Most of my reviews will be for young adult fiction, but I may post a few reviews on adult fiction, because I do enjoy reading both.